Storsalen menighet


Storsalen, a church in downtown Oslo

There's time for silence, there's time for praise, there's time for worship, there's time for creativity and there's time for Biblical preaching.

Storsalen wants to be a fellowship where you can experience that someone take care of you and that you are a part of a close fellowship. Our meetings and services cannot take care of these needs alone. Therefore, we encourage our members to belong to a servant group and/or a house group in addition to taking part in the main fellowships.

We have three main fellowships; Sunday services at 11 a.m., 6 p.m. and at 8.30 p.m.

All the services have elements from traditional Lutheran services, but Storsalen is special in many ways. Servanthood is an important key word in Storsalen, and we have many servants. At each of the main fellowships, at much as 30 volunteers take part in arranging the meeting with a variety of tasks. Some are being ushers, some are responsible for the esthetic expression of the service, and some are responsible to read the text from the Bible, to mention a few tasks.

We celebrate Holy Communion in all the services, and we follow a liturgy. (Still, we want the liturgy to be a praise to the Lord and not just empty words.) If you come to one of the services, you will find out that we use traditional songs and more contemporary songs. We want to use the best of our tradition and combine it with the best from our time.

We also want to have freedom in the services and meeting, freedom to come just as you are. No one looks strangely at you if you stand and raise your hands.

The evening service, G18

At G19 much time is devoted to prayer and intercessory prayer. The participants can visit four prayer alters and/or seek intercessory prayer at the main alter placed in the middle of the chairs.

Still, you don’t have to have a major crisis in your life to seek prayer at G18. Those who wish, and many do, can be blessed, receive an anointing or get intercessory prayer at the main alter. Many of the participants also write their prayer requests at the side alters. All these requests will be prayed for the next three weeks by Storsalen’s prayer teams.

Translation during the evening services?

During the two evening services in Storsalen, we offer translation into English for anyone who needs it. If you want translation, just contact one of the ushers as you arrive, and they will guide you to reserved seats to the left of the PA-desk. Leaflets with the liturgy translated are available, and the interpreter will do his/her best to keep up with whatever else takes place in front of the altar."